Drastic solution to revamp the process of packaging and logistics.

As a package maker, Tamapack not only provide products that are superior in quality and design, but also deeply involve our customers' businesses and realize business solutions together as partners. That is Tamapack's mission. Since Tamapack has been deeply connected with precision equipment manufacturers since its foundation, we are well acquainted with the issues in customer's business activities, and are highly value-added buffer design that reliably and precisely protects precision equipment, and improvement proposals such as load efficiency optimization simulation to reduce logistics cost are also possible. We support customers who want to improve the competitiveness by reducing the cost of logistics and packaging by our unique technology. In addition, when a customer vertically start-up new factory, we can support the business strategy by supplementing missing resources with temporary staffing and contracting services. We are also highly valued by customers aiming for global business development by demonstrating our strengths in providing packages to overseas production bases and acting as an agent for export and import operations.

Design capability Make "optimum" shape of customers.

Productivity [cardboard, paperware] As we do the total work we can give you the best answer.

Supporting capability Support every problem of customer from every angle.